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Last Number Reviews

Date : 3/28/2020 4:38:16 PM
Type : Prank Call
Message : How many times did not know how much
Date : 3/28/2020 3:13:35 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : This came in as a text 3/28/20 It may not be dangerous but no idea how this person got my number. This is what came in: Hi my name is Shawn. Im looking to buy a home in the area. I buy as is, any condition and can close fast. Please contact me if you are thinking to sell. Thx.
Date : 3/28/2020 1:35:34 PM
Type : Telemarketer
Message : Automated Some crap about financial freedom
Date : 3/28/2020 12:55:44 PM
Type : Political Call
Message : Hi there ????
Date : 3/28/2020 5:14:23 AM
Type : SMS
Message : Mera number 520****242 is number ka 4 word nahi malum aap bata sakte h kya Mera mi I'd is no par bana h
Date : 3/28/2020 4:35:02 AM
Type : Unknown
Message : What's your name
Date : 3/28/2020 1:24:56 AM
Type : Unknown
Message : Gtjfnjghjng
Date : 3/27/2020 9:16:53 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : Texting a costco 130.00 reward chonovirus-19 benifit.
Date : 3/27/2020 1:37:12 PM
Type : Scam
Message : Calls about an unspecified expiring car insurance.
Date : 3/27/2020 12:09:13 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : they sent me a link i hit it but i got off it before i could see what it was i wouldn’t recommend hitting the link
Date : 3/27/2020 12:57:23 AM
Type : Unknown
Date : 3/26/2020 11:34:38 PM
Type : Scam
Message : Russell Goerlich kid! Bad Scammer
Date : 3/26/2020 11:30:08 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : Jeremy Goerlich
Date : 3/26/2020 11:29:52 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : Jeremy Goerlich
Date : 3/26/2020 7:44:32 PM
Type : Scam
Message : I signed up to place a decal on my car for reimbursement, $500 a week. I received a check a week later for $4500, from an unknown entity; supposdely it was for the decal, I was to deposit the check in my account keep $500 and the other would go to the installer. I figured it out very quickly that it was a scam, and I received annoying and constant messages after the check was delivered. They threatened me because I would not deposit check claiming they had a cousin who was in the FBI, guess they don't know I understand how checks work
Date : 3/26/2020 5:47:29 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : indian accent calling on behalf of a senior program offering life insurance incase of death. I had answered because I thought it was a local number and maybe someone from work. It is entirely possible the number that popped up was a spoofed number. Use precaution, if unsure let it go to voicemail.
Date : 3/26/2020 4:13:03 PM
Type : SMS
Message : Promises free 3 month Netflix premium. Probable scam.
Date : 3/26/2020 2:30:07 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : Says they're calling from NY Daily News about processing error on credit card. It's suspect. The number does not trace back to the NYDN.
Date : 3/26/2020 2:14:32 PM
Type : Prank Call
Message : Troll does not wants to talk to you and waste your time
Date : 3/26/2020 1:41:42 PM
Type : Unknown
Message : Claiming to be a Google specialist

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