September 25, 2020
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Reasons Unwanted Phone Number Calls Can Be A Threat To Your Phone

Cell phones have changed our lives completely. We cannot imagine a day without a cell phone anymore. With the help of phone, we stay connected to our family and our loved ones. We talk to our closed ones who are far from us. But as everything has some drawbacks, phones have some disadvantages too. The biggest disadvantage of having a cell phone is a spam call.

In 2018, around 4.5 billion spam calls were made. The spam calls are so common that most of the complaints in federal trade commission are of spam calls.


Spam call or a spam is message is a call or a message from an unknown number that a person receives. Most of the time the person making the spam calls tries to sell something.

These spam calls are very annoying and disturbing. But being annoying and disturbing are not the only things that make spam calls dangerous. These spam call makers can easily steal your money or some of your important information.

If you don’t know how to tackle against these spam call, you may find yourself trapped in one of these calls. Hence, protect your important property and read this article so that you can protect yourself from any spam call next time.


Spam calls are not only annoying but they are dangerous too. In short words, these calls are a way to steal something important from your phone. That important thing can be your bank account’s information.

According to a research, scammer’s profit margin is very high. It is more 2000%. Meaning, they spend about $438 million dollars and earn $9.5 billion dollars.


All of spam calls are dangerous because the spam callers do not follow the law. There are two main types of spam calls. These types are:

  1. Robocalls:

When you receive a robocall, you realize that the person behind the phone is not a real person but it is a recorded call. Most of the time, these calls are from some company that do not follow the laws. These calls are less dangerous but are very annoying.

  • Scam Call:

The person behind the call is a real person. The main task of the scam caller is to make a fool out of you. He will try to convince you that you have won a prize and in order to get that prize, you will have to give him your account’s information. This is only one example. There are other ways to steal your money through a phone call. It is possible that they simply hack your phone to extract anything from it.

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Not all spam calls are illegal. There are some exceptions too. US government has given permission to some companies to make spam calls. They can make spam calls legal by the permission of US government. These calls are:

  1. Robocalls:

Robocall simply mean a recorded call. There are some companies that have license to make such calls. It is true that no matter these calls are legal or illegal, they are equally annoying. On the same hand, it is very hard to determine which call is legal and which one is illegal.

  • Telemarketing Calls:

These calls are mostly from some telecommunication company. Most of the time, you receive such calls from the company of your sim card. These calls are made to advertise something. It is possible that the person behind the call would try to sell you some product or a service. Just like a robocall, these calls are disturbing.

  • Market research and Charity calls:

There are some organizations that have license to make spam calls. Many charity organizations use spam calls to collect funds and charity. Also some research organization use the help of spam calls to run a survey.


                We all are familiar with the number blocking function in phones. If a number is annoying you, you can simply block it and it will not disturb you again. But this will not help you against an illegal spam call. Spam callers have different numbers. By blocking a single number, you are not stopping the caller to call you. He can call you with another number too.


The main reason why spam calls are dangerous is that they are totally untraceable. You simply cannot trace a spam call and even if it is traced, the location will be from some other company where you government cannot reach. That is the reason; spam callers are being very successful in their work because they are not afraid of getting caught.