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Area code 800
Other Formats 8008002775
(800) 800-2775
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800-800-2775 - Unknown

I received several calls from this #, but in the voicemail they say to call them back at 208-262-0000. I looked that # up. From what other people have said, the # on the caller ID is spoofed, supposed to be from Apple regarding iCloud accounts. But it's not, and the # they have you call back on is definitely a scam to get your account info. Some folks received the same message on their land lines. So the original # might be legit, but spoofed to appear to be from Apple, definitely is NOT from them.


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Stein ...

... Richmond, Virginia 23221
(800) 800-2775
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800-800-2775 reported as Unsafe 1/23/2020 3:15:19 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Unsafe 11/18/2019 2:40:03 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Safe 11/13/2019 3:47:45 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 2/3/2020 11:48:55 AM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/26/2020 1:36:36 AM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/25/2020 11:23:56 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/24/2020 8:10:06 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/23/2020 5:31:30 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/23/2020 3:46:57 PM
800-800-2775 reported as Searched 1/23/2020 3:32:01 PM
For your safety we record all calls. We keep user comments and reviews. Here is the statistics for this number. The 800-800-2775 number has been searched 26 times. 1 users have said that the number is safe. Our 2 votes voted that this phone number is unreliable. 0 people chose to abstain. Help other users by voting. Let's fight spam together.